Carburetors or EFI?:

ITG's Dual layer foam combines a traditional coarse prefilter and a fine foam air filter into one convenient, quickly removable and cleaned over sock.  Using this in addition to the standard filter doubles the filter media with very little restriction.  Also, this type of over sock will completely protect and lessen the need to clean the primary filter.  These are exclusive traits to using this style of prefilter over any other.  

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Shortened Velocity Stacks for SE  $40

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Fuel​ Inlet O-Rings for all 950's  $15

Adapter Plate for All KTM LC8's  $109

SW7 Kit for ​950 Super Enduro $259

​SW7 Performance Kit $229

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* Precision Laser Cut 5053 Anodized Alloy Adapter Plate won't crack, leak, warp or deform like other plastic LC8 intake systems costing nearly twice as much.  100% customer satisfaction and no kit has EVER been returned nor replaced or repaired under warranty.  No other vendor can say this!

* Completely unique 3-axis rubber mounting system that seals on all three sides of the intake instead of the competition's one, single sealing surface.  SW7's mounting system effectively isolates vibration while preventing wear to the carburetor. No other kit seals as well nor provides as OEM style a connection as these.

* High Quality Dual Density ITG Foam Air Filter allows for far better power, easier access, more air circulation, better cooling, far easier servicing and is cleaned and reused over and over again. ITG SW7 Filters are made especially for us using an exclusive high efficiency foam developed by ITG for use in off-road severe dust conditions.  We sincerely believe this is the absolute best filter on the market today!

*Dzus quarter turn fasteners and clips that make access a simple matter of two quick turns without the need for tools.  Kit comes with EVERYTHING necessary to install.

Additional information and important things to know.

This is an OFF-ROAD USE ONLY Kit does not include any accommodation to route crankcase ventilation inside the ITG filter. Drilled plates that may conform to certain localities environmental regulations are available by special request for those wishing to install the crankcase vent inside the airbox.  

A free flowing exhaust and re-jetting/re-mapping are absolute requirements for safe use of this product. I sell and fully support users who opt for the Factory Pro Jet Kit and recommend TuneECU for injected bikes.

More power for your LC8! Costs little while rewarding 8-13% horsepower gains, better throttle response and a flatter, quicker torque curve. Eliminates the KTM's bulky and restrictive airbox making carburetor access possible and valve service a snap.  ITG's Megaflow dual layer foam racing filter more than triples filtration area and provides the added security only an oiled foam performance filter can provide in dusty adventure biking conditions. Plus its infinitely reusable and will pay for itself.

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Add Trimmed Velocity Stacks +40:

Add SAS Plates +$18:

Carburetors or EFI:

Add SAS Plates +$18:

Add Over-Sock Filter +$58:

Filter kits for the Super Enduro require shortened stacks in order to fit.  You could do it yourself or you can buy these to save you the trouble.  If you're wondering, no change in performance from using these stacks without their wide top flanges have ever been reported.

SportingWood's #7 Adapter Plate for KTM LC8 Motorcycles includes everything included in the complete kit except for the ITG JC30-65 air filter.  This is intended for use with customers who already have or elect to purchase the filter separately.

*OFF-ROAD USE ONLY unless customer special requests additional hole added for crankcase venting.

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Kit for 950 Super Enduro uses an especially made domed filter shape to clearance under the seat.  This kit includes filter, conversion plate and all necessary hardware to install.  Requires shortened velocity stacks to fit. (available below)

*  30 day satisfaction guarantee

Re-jetting the carburetors is highly recommended and encouraged. 

Kit for KTM 950 or 990 variants except 950 Super Enduro.  

​(950 Kit shown)

Includes our standard high-efficiency foam ITG JC30-65 air filter, conversion plate, all necessary hardware to install and a complimentary can of foam filter spray oil and cleaner.

*  30 day satisfaction guarantee

Re-jetting the carburetors or re-mapping the fuel injection with TuneECU is highly recommended and encouraged. 

ITG Dual Layered Filter Sock  $58

Carb Inlet O-rings can and will leak!  Replace the factory's rubber version with these fluorinated brown Viton versions that are impervious to ethanol breakdown.  You need 6, I give you 7 just in case.  Recommend to install with Hylomar brand sealant.


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